feed your belly - feed your spirit - feed your soul


8am - 3pm

​No Laptops Permitted




8am - 9pm​ish

No Laptops Permitted


7am - 3pm

Serving home-style food, comforting drinks, and spirited tunes

Drinks, snacks, friends. At our bar, enjoy the company of your friends and family over beer, wine, inspired cocktails, and hearty bites.

spend your days with us while we play some of your favorite tunes 


breakfast & Bakery

Wednesday - friday

7am - 9pmish

No Laptops permitted after 5pm

Sandwiches, soup, salads. We have put together a variety of options for your mid-day energy boost.

Using locally roasted Vigilante coffee roasters, we offer a selection of brewed coffee, teas, and espresso beverages. Made just for you, exactly how you like it.

​​Start your day off right with us. Choose from freshly baked breakfast pastries, crafted egg sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, homemade granola, and more.

bar fare

coffee & tea