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​​​Classic Cocktails

MANHATTAN Larceny Bourbon | Sweet Vermouth | Bitters

OLD FASHIONED Bulleit Bourbon | Sugar | Orange | Bitters

FORBIDDEN SOUR Evan Williams Bourbon | Simple Syrup | Lemon | PAMA

SAZERAC Bulleit Rye | Bitters | Simple Syrup | Absinthe

THE DIRTY Citadelle Gin | Olive Brine | Vermouth

OLD FASHIONED JOE Larceny Bourbon | Cold Brew Coffee | Bitters

PALOMA Tres Agaves Tequila Blanco | Grapefruit | Agave Nectar

RAZOR GIMLET Tito's Vodka | Lime | Salt & Pepper

MOSCOW MULE Russian Standard Vodka | Lime | Ginger Beer

Seasonal Cocktails

(ask your server for availability)

FORBIDDEN SOUR Larceny Kentucky Bourbon | PAMA | Simple Syrup | Lemon

FALL SPICED MARTINI Bombay Sapphire Gin | Toasted Pumpkin Seed | Spiced Dry Vermouth

OLD FASHIONED JOE Larceny Kentucky Bourbon | Coffee Syrup | Bitters

APPLE OF YOUR RYE Bulleit Rye | Burnt Lemon | Bitters | Mulled Apple Cider

TOWNSHEND SPRITZ Tito's Vodka | Grapefruit | Grand Marnier | Champagne


Sangria: Enjoy a glass of our bartender's own recipe!

...Or sit back, relax and enjoy the best cocktails Falls Church has to offer!

feed your belly - feed your spirit - feed your soul



Cycle Buff Beauty, Shiraz-Malbec Blend, Australia | Jackhammer, Pinot Noir, Monterey California


Walnut Block, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand | Poppy, Chardonnay, California


Ferrandiere Grenache Gris, France